10 BookFair IMG 9807Since 1985, the Hillsborough Book Fair has been an annual weeklong celebration of books and the rich literary environment here at Nueva. With a variety of fiction and nonfiction books hand-selected with Nueva readers in mind, the Hillsborough Book Fair is one of the most carefully curated book fairs in the country.

CN Forts Hero245px “Forts?” you ask. “Why does Nueva need forts?!”

Nueva’s forts are a treasured play area near the Mansion, once an old olive grove. Beautiful in their simplicity, they draw lower school students into imaginative and social play outdoors.

11 Hero Community Committee IMG 9529Every Monday at lunch, students in grades 1–4 gather in a classroom on the second floor of the Mansion to problem-solve ways to improve their community.

The Community Committee, comprising two representatives from each class, provides students the opportunity to put empathy-based design into practice and make a positive impact.

Edited Hero Photos September 22 DSC02876Each week, after assembly, students in first through third grade return to their classes briefly before setting out on an afternoon of discovery and play during “Choice.” Students and teachers relish these opportunities to explore each other's passions.

CN BrownBagLast Friday, May 19, marked the last Brown Bag Concert of this school year, and featured students from kindergarten and first grade.




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