FS ProjectShowcasePartners of venture capital firms rubbed shoulders with high-schoolers and architects as the review of student projects of the upper school “Design Engineering for Social Good” class was about to begin. 

FS MusicInHerBonesTonya Amos ’80 was the queen of capture the flag at Nueva. Her strategy required patience to slowly skirt around the perimeter of the playing field through the trees and blackberry bushes before bursting out of the forest at a full sprint near the opponent’s flag. She won nearly every game.

House Sorting 2On April 25th, four banners unrolled from the Upper School skywalk as cheering students streamed out of the building to celebrate underneath. They had just been “sorted”, Harry-Potter-style, into one of the four houses: Aquila, house of the eagle, Ursa, house of the bear, Ceres, house of the stag, and Lupa, house of the wolf. The Nueva House System had officially begun.

DFTF Trips 2For first-grade students, their sleepover in the Ballroom marks a rite of passage: an entire night spent apart from their parents. Similarly, the third-graders who spent a weekend at the Pie Ranch took the last steps in experiencing firsthand the “farm” element in the farm-to-table curriculum they pursued all year.

CN Robotics FIXEDFor three-and-half days in mid-April, members of the Upper School’s Bot Provoking team tested their robot against 400 other mechanical competitors and their teams of human developers at the FIRST Robotics Competition in Houston. The Nueva team entered the elimination round seeded 36th out of 67 teams in its division, and made it to the divisional quarter-finals, where it was knocked out by the team that went on to win the division.



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