FS MS CSL 1920pxOn March 28, Nueva’s middle school students were joined by 24 Japanese exchange students on their last community service learning (CSL) day of this school year. Fourteen of the Japanese students joined seventh and eighth graders at the Brentwood Academy in East Palo Alto, while the remaining exchange students participated with their Nueva host students at Grass Roots Ecology, Family Connections, La Comida, and Beechwood School.

FS Penin Bridg hero 1920pxNueva’s partnership with Peninsula Bridge’s After School Program is the best kind: mutually beneficial and aligned with the missions and values of both partners.

Every Monday and Thursday afternoons, forty-one sixth and seventh grade students from four nearby middle schools arrive at our Bay Meadows campus to participate in Peninsula Bridge’s After School Program.

FS DFTF Japan HEROChris Scott, Upper School Japanese teacher, and Hillary Freeman, ninth grade dean, took nine young ambassadors (Grades 9–12) to Japan for eleven days in February on an exchange program with Doshisha high schools.

FS STEM hero 1920px

This year’s STEM fair had something for everyone. There were workshops about cryptocurrency, genetic engineering, and VR animation. Students showcased classwork that ranged from hand-made pinball machines to experiments in space. Presenters encouraged visitors to tinker with paper airplanes, dissect pig hearts, and code little robots. There was even a musical performance by Tom McFadden’s Science Rap Academy.

FS JaneOfAllTrades HERO2What do a wedding officiant, violinist, actor, stunt performer, stunt-coordinator, singer/songwriter, and audio book narrator have in common? They are all means of employment for New Orleans resident and Nueva alumna Olga Munding ’86. She also publishes the occasional short story and in the future hopes to complete a book on the time she spent with blues legend Jessie Mae Hemphill. 



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