FS MusicalLast week, we brought you a video teaser of the upper school’s musical, Urinetown, a dark comedy about a fascist, dystopian world so fraught with drought and corporate greed that everyone must pay to pee. This week, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show and hear what the experience of participating in theater productions at Nueva has meant to students.

FS Kindergarten StudiesEach spring, Nueva’s Kindergarten classes embark on studies chosen by the close observation and inquiry of their students’ interests. This year, students in Laraine Ray’s class have chosen to research and explore the depths of the ocean, while Michelle Barreras’ kindergarteners have decided to study the wonders of space. While the studies seem literal worlds apart, the mirroring explorations have revealed many surprise parallels.

FS MusicalNext weekend, students at the Upper School will present Urinetown, a musical comedy about a dystopian world so tangled in bureaucracy and greed that every person must pay to use a restroom. The show is a satire of Broadway itself, with references to other famous shows like Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, and Les Misérables. In 2001, it received the Tony Award for Best Original Score.

POSTERSNueva recently made the decision to create a novel research and biology program that will produce students skilled at communicating complicated information, identifying the cutting edge of research in specific fields, and executing research to further push that edge.


We’ve seen many rainy days this school year. For students in preK, the wet weather had more fun to offer than splashing in puddles. It presented an exciting learning opportunity: a deep dive into the word family of “rain.”



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