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In my mind, the ideal learning environment is one that is so immersive that the boundary between the classroom and the world outside is so blurred that students step through it without knowing. It is an environment in which students can’t help but formulate their own connections between what they are studying and what they observe in their world.

— Sam Modest

 Intersession HeroIntersession 2018, Nueva’s intellectual and experiential feast for upper school students, was held January 3–10, and provided extraordinary learning experiences for students as they returned from winter break.

For six days spanning two weeks, upper school students participated in interactive and enriching curricula taught by real-world experts. Students chose from an extensive catalog that included mathematics, art, psychology, business, law, fitness, technology, medicine, conservation, music, and much more.

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Last week Nueva welcomed many alumni back to campus. Through a social mixer, an Admissions event, and an assembly on the Hillsborough campus, the energy they brought was palpable as they shared new experiences and reflected on their Nueva education.

 The 2018 Biennial World's Fair Culmination At Nueva

What do salt, chocolate, gold, and tobacco have in common? Each commodity is both treasured by the western world, and is often found at the center of conflict within its place of origin. Every two years, Nueva’s seventh- and eighth-grade students present the World’s Fair, the pinnacle of a semester–long dive into an issues of globalization. This year, students researched the international conflicts that arise as a result of sourcing high-demand commodities.

 10 Banner Image Featured Dec13 DiversityMay we wish the best for every one that we encounter.
May we swallow pride and may we do away with fear.

For it’s only what we do not know that we have grown afraid of,
And only what we do not choose to hear.



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