trustWalks 1000pxEvery year SEL teacher Lisa Hinshelwood organizes “trust walks” for her fourth grade students. In teams of two, students take turns wearing blindfolds while their partners lead them through activities set up around the garden. The exercise gives students a deeper understanding of what it takes to earn trust, what it means to put their trust in others, and why fostering trust in a school community matters.

MSstudentCouncilMiddle School Student Council met for the first time this Tuesday, with elected officers and grade representatives from the fifth through eighth grades gathering at lunch time to set out plans for the year.

SMlogo 1000pxNueva is partnering with Samaritan House to help the broader, local community and to provide Upper Schoolers with more opportunities for student-driven ventures.

Samaritan House, a nonprofit that serves low-income families and individuals in San Mateo County, approached Nueva to see if the school would be interested in a partnership because the organization is building out a program called the empathy program and reaching out directly to high schools.

USVolleyballWhen Nueva’s Upper School first opened three years ago, the volleyball team won one game its first season. Today, the team is 6–1 in league play and is hoping to make the playoffs.

SilkRoadWorkshopThis Tuesday, seventh- and eighth-grade students had the chance to experience unique aspects of the Silk Road. As they prepare for the Silk Road Bazaar in December, students are learning about how the Silk Road connected the world, and the changes those connections brought about. On Tuesday morning, students had the chance to attend workshops on Silk Road music, food, archaeology, and more.



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