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On Thursday, October 19, educators from around the world will converge on Nueva for the launch of the 2017 Innovative Learning Conference.

During Thursday’s sessions, more than 35 Nueva educators across three divisions will speak, host workshops, lead demo lessons, and contribute to panel discussions with the singular goal of sharing Nueva’s best practices. Our faculty speakers hope to provide attendees insight into the work happening in our preK–12 classrooms while also providing inspiration and ideas that can be put to immediate use. Educators' Day is taking place on both our Hillsborough and our Bay Meadows campuses.

In anticipation of the two-day conference, on October 19 and 20, our faculty presenters were asked to reflect on their motivations for participating in the 2017 ILC and their hopes for this year’s attendees.

What motivated you to submit a proposal to the ILC committee?

“This year, instead of giving a presentation, I thought it would be exciting to open up my classroom during a math lesson as a way of sharing my practice.” — Katie Kelly, Third-Grade Teacher

“We want to share the beauty of Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) with elementary school teachers and allow others to witness firsthand the wonder that investigating words in this way may bring. We feel that this is the best instructional method for students and we want others to learn from our years of study.” ­— Erin Metcalf, Third-Grade Teacher, and Rebecca Loveless, LS Structured Word Inquiry Coach

“Our second-grade immigration curriculum has been very well received and we would like to see something like it taught to students around the country.” — Damon Allswang, Second-Grade Teacher

“I am motivated to present because I am proud to work at Nueva, and I believe deeply in our mission to share our work with all educators.  Nueva is always innovating and changing. I’ve benefitted from working here by continually growing my own practice.” — Emily Mitchell, First-Grade Teacher

What do you hope educators and administrators attending your session take away from the experience?

“In my session, Paving the Path to Interdisciplinary Learning, I hope educators can start to envision what it would look like to work deeply with teachers in their grade level across other disciplines. In my other session, Hip Hop in the Science Classroom, I hope teachers can start to brainstorm what it looks like to bring student creativity and culture into their core classes.” — Tom McFadden, Eighth-Grade Biology Teacher

“I hope educators leave inspired to try something innovative in their context and with enough connections and resources to take the plunge with a reasonable potential for success. Additionally, I want them to expect that it won’t go perfectly on their first try. My hope is that they can embrace that and use what they learn to iterate and improve.” — Scott Swaaley, I-Lab Assistant Director/Engineer/US Advisor

“I am excited to share the innovative work young students are doing at Nueva in order to tackle complex problems in the real world. Students are designing everything from apps that gamify alcohol safety to creating low-cost prosthetics for dog amputees. I believe that with the right learning environment, any student is able to create impactful products.” — Connie Liu, I-Lab Engineer

“This year I am joining the I-Lab team to try and create a bridge between the Lower School and the I-Lab. My hope is that all teachers, Nueva and non-Nueva, will see that you can do Design Thinking at any age. Design Thinking is really a mindset that can infiltrate projects that are already a part of your curriculum. You do not have to be an engineer to do Design Thinking!” — Emily

What is one thing you are most looking forward to sharing in your session?

“I am passionate about the FIRST Robotics programs and want to share how I have built these teams in both the Middle and Upper Schools. Our philosophy is to maximize learning ­— this has allowed the students to be very successful in numerous ways.” — Michelle Grau, Technology, Innovation Design & Engineering Coach

“I am looking forward to sharing student experiences! I will be inviting students to come and talk about their experiences in Designing for Social Good and the impact it had on themselves and their community.” — Connie

Thursday and Friday are both at capacity, but you may register for our waitlist. First priority for Friday will be given to Nueva community members. The 2017 ILC line-up includes:

Warren Berger (Author of A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas)
Jo Boaler, PhD (Author of Mathematical Mindsets; Co-Founder of Youcubed)
Charlotte Danielson (Founder of the Danielson Group)
Derrick Gay, EdD (Education Consultant)
Brian Greenberg (Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Schools Fund)
Maria Klawe (President, Harvey Mudd College)
Julie Lythcott-Haims, PhD (Author of How to Raise an Adult)
Simone Marean (Co-Founder and Executive Director, Girls Leadership Institute)
Kevin Mattingly, PhD (Professor, Columbia University Teachers College; Director of Co-Curriculum, Riverdale School)
Larry Rosenstock (CEO, Founding Principal, HighTech High)
Robert Sapolsky, PhD (Author of Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst)
Lisa Kay Solomon (Chair of Transformational Practices and Leadership, Singularity University)
Akihiko Takahashi, PhD (Professor, DePaul University, College of Education)

For more information, and to join our waitlist, please visit the 2017 Innovative Learning Conference site.

 September 22, 2017




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