immigrationArticle Feb2017This week, Nueva’s PreK-12 Equity & Social Justice Coordinator, Alegria Barclay, reflects on immigration in a letter to our community:

TalentShow Feb2017Nueva students from the lower, middle, and high school came together on Friday, February 10th to share their special talents with the community. The 2017 Nueva Talent Show kicked off in the GCC with over 25 acts including magic shows, skits, solo ballads, instrumentals, and rock performances. A biannual tradition that was revived in 2012, the show was filled with over two hours of fun, laughter, and awe.

associateShadowDay Feb2017Last week, the Associate Teachers of the Innovative Teacher Program each spent a day shadowing a student to every class and activity. “The goal was to immerse in the student experience,” explained Megan Terra, Director of the Innovative Teacher Program, “to see what life is like for a Nueva student from bus stop to final bell.”

thirdGradeAstronauts COVER2 Feb2017

Last week, our third-grade teachers and students had the opportunity to spend more than an hour speaking with future astronauts from the Virgin Galactic and Galactic Unite programs during a “Spacechat.”

tripsStory 02.03.2017An annual class trip is a hallmark of the Nueva experience. Starting with the first-grade sleepover in the ballroom and culminating with a student-designed trip in the twelfth grade, these opportunities bring learning to life and bond classmates through the adventures of a lifetime. In this video, students reflect on how these trips have shaped them and the Nueva community as a whole. (Thank you to 11th grader Michael B. for contributing video footage).



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