Flipping the script on what teenagers are capable of doing
Twelfth grader Lucy W. stood before a microphone and a crowded gymnasium on Thursday, April 5, to recite from "It’s Because of the Antlers," a short story about a young protagonist who endures a cosmetic procedure to implant decorative antlers onto her head. Lucy read, “I was taking care of myself, giving myself the special treatment I deserved. I ended up changing my profile picture on various social media accounts... and everyone was very complimentary.” The story is a commentary on social media, adolescence, and pop culture, the three flags frequently raised against today's youth. Lucy’s project was one of 340 projects presented by Nueva’s upper school students during Quest Expo 2018.

10 GOA Hero IMG 9658In the recent article, “Thinking Critically about Our Practices, Part I: The Collaborative for Innovative Education,” readers learned about three initiatives in educational practice currently underway at Nueva. In this article, we explore Global Online Academy (GOA) and how it is being used to advance the global engagement of Nueva students. Next month, we will share the innovative ways faculty are using GOA to enhance their teaching practice and bring new opportunities to their students.

 FS Physics Hero IMG 1131 1000px 2In the fall of 2017, eight adventurous Nueva students enrolled in “Physics Research,” a new course created by Nueva Upper School founding faculty member Mark Hurwitz. Mark was inspired by his own first immersive experience in research when, as a college senior, his electrical engineering professor recognized Mark’s interests and offered him challenging problems to pursue.

That experience now drives Mark to develop opportunities for Nueva students to find inspiration in scientific research. With over 15 years' experience as a satellite-building researcher at UC Berkeley, Mark knows firsthand the importance of having his students grapple with authentic, real-world problems.

Nueva students walkout in severance of the Valentine's Day attack #MarchForOurLivesOn Wednesday, March 14, students and faculty across all three divisions gathered to express solidarity with the victims and survivors of the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida.

Throughout the day in the Lower School, students and teachers focused on the change individuals and groups can make in their lives, community, environment, and world.

Through special Choice activities, performances, and messages from our young changemakers, lower school students and teachers took the opportunity to lift each other up and celebrate the power of civic engagement.

 FS Hero PreKArtSlideshow 1000px 4

With a deep conviction for the importance of learning through art, Carolee Fucigna, Nueva prekindergarten teacher, developed an opportunity for the prekindergarten students to connect their artwork to that of a renowned Brazilian artist, Anna Maria Maiolino.



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