BryanMegerBryan worked with Cisco networks for more than 15 years and is a certified with Cisco, Microsoft, and Apple. Before coming to Nueva, Bryan worked as a network engineer at West Corporation and as a consultant for various companies. Bryan has two bachelors’ degrees in business administration from the University of Arizona, one in management information systems and one in operations management.

1. After working so long in the corporate world, why did you move into education?

I was looking into different private and nonprofit roles that tied closer into my immediate community. Education, for me, was a fortunate case of timing and opportunity working out with the chance to be part of the Nueva School and join during a critical growth period.


2. What interests you about information systems?

Constant learning and problem-solving while integrating new and old technologies. I try to stay mindful of constantly making changes to (hopefully) seamlessly improve user experience and system efficiency and maintainability.


3. How do you spend your free time?

Much like work, planning and reacting. Family keeps me enjoyably busy, along with cooking, exercising, entertainment (shows, movies, books, music, podcasts) and travelling to both new places and old favorites with family and friends.


4. What is the biggest difference you have found between the technical infrastructure of a corporate setting versus a school?

One observation is that there isn’t much of a difference other than scale. All the same needs have to be met, which leads to a certain level of technical functionality and complexity: internet, firewall, wireless, VPN, virtual servers, telephony, fault tolerance, etc. That said, a big difference for me was the unique Nueva private Intranet and learning all the educational applications.


5. Where might we find you on any given weekend?

At home with family or in a car with family going from one place or another.


 May 5, 2017



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