HeroCSLphotoMiddle school students traveled around the Bay Area on October 25 and November 17 for the first Community Service Learning days of the school year.

Nueva’s Community Service Learning (CSL) program continues to evolve as the school builds and strengthens connections with various local community organizations. Offering service opportunities that are meaningful and developmentally age-appropriate for each grade level, Nueva aims to enrich and augment the classroom experience as students serve their larger communities while "learning by doing."

Fifth and sixth graders are exposed to a range of community organizations, taking trips to various sites throughout the year. Focusing on relationship-building, seventh- and eighth-grade advisories partner with specific organizations for each community service learning day.

“It makes me happy to see them happy and doing what they like,” seventh grader Eli P. explained as he reflected upon his advisory’s November 17 visit to Brentwood Academy in Palo Alto. “We built clay aliens with the kids, they read us books, and we played with them at recess.” Eli looks forward to returning to Brentwood Academy.

“This was the most intimate CSL experience I've been part of with students at Nueva,” sixth-grade advisor Carolyn Gray said as she described the October 25 trip. Working with Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Carolyn’s advisory visited Rhoda Goldman Plaza to spend the morning with residents. “The hands-on activity gave kids a way to connect with seniors when they were hesitant at first. Students and seniors shared stories, and a sing-a-long started before we even left the craft room! The personal connections made this such a memorable and enjoyable learning experience.”

CSL Habitat Restoration

Each group returned to campus from the first trip of the year with stories to share. Fifth-grade advisor Chris Braun led a beach clean-up. "I was surprised by students’ motivation to get the most trash," he said. "Students were running around and even had a competition to find the strangest thing they could pick up on the beach as they collected trash. It turned out to be a very small frying pan.”

The middle school CSL program is organized and coordinated by a team of parents who work with advisors to plan trips for the entire year. Many thanks to the parent volunteers who were the primary points of contact — handling scheduling, paperwork, and transportation logistics for all the trips.

You can read more about previous Nueva Middle School CSL days here.

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