IMG 9675 copyEnergetically preparing for this year’s musical, Nueva middle school students poured their hearts into rehearsals leading up to the performances of Guys and Dolls on November 17–19 in the GCC.

Crediting Lisa Share-Sapolsky’s direction and support, students explained that they loved the “rigorous, but fun” experience. Actors and stage crew alike expressed that the musical brought them together as a community and that their deep investment in the show has been an invigorating part of their Nueva journey this year.

"Even if you get nervous before a performance, when you get on stage, it all falls into place, because you know what you’re doing,” said eighth-grader Nicholas H. Members of the cast and crew said that the preparations for the show were so involved that each of them knew the anatomy of each scene.

"When you finally finish a scene or successfully accomplish a set change, then you know it’s all worth it,” said eighth grader Charlie D. For Charlie, participating in the musical has been the “most fun she's ever had.” In commenting on the choice of Guys and Dolls, Charlie explained that it has provided “a view into the past” and that the show has given the middle schoolers an understanding of “how different the culture represented in the show is from what our culture is now.”MS Musical Guysand Dolls 2017 1 copy

Aanika G. said that tech week brought the students much exhilaration. “It’s almost magical. You’re performing something that is set in a different world, and you get teleported to that world,” she explained.

The final week of rehearsals brought intensity and excitement to the actors and the tech crew. “In spending so much time together, you learn the patterns of how other people move,” shared eighth-grader Pax H.

Seventh grader Taher V. explains that “no matter how small the role, you matter in the musical,” and that each participating student made the show a success. “Everyone has to make the show fit together, like pieces in a puzzle,” he said.

Students thanked Lisa and Robert for the hours of commitment and the amazing opportunity to bond with one another and feel the joy of performing.

 November 22, 2017



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