Animation - Filmmaking Magic: Animation is everywhere in our daily lives – from commercials to feature films and video games. Ever wondered how it is done? It is a wide field with many mediums and facets for us to explore. Learn about the various techniques from Pixar and other hotbeds for bringing unique characters to life and telling creative stories, as we dabble in the traditional methods used for classic cartoons, to experimenting with cutting-edge software utilized in modern blockbuster hits. Throughout the course we will create several short films as we experiment with these mediums and tools. Whether interested in the more creative aspect of inventing characters and stories, or in getting technical with advanced computer programs, students delve into both sides of the animation process. No prior experience needed.usart

Art-i-Fact - Cultural Anthropology and Mixed-Media: According to anthropologist Daniel Miller, objects "continually assert their presence as simultaneously material force and symbol. They frame the way we act in the world, as well as the way we think about the world." To understand the past, we have to understand the artifacts of the past. This mixed-media sculpture course challenges students to create work that addresses the art object within the frame of the historic museum collection. Blending fiction and non-fiction, students look to real or their own imagined histories to design and create art objects through ceramics and "found object" sculpture that engages with the telling of history. A variety of three-dimensional techniques are explored to inspire students to create fantastical "curiosity cabinets" that appropriate archaeological and other scientific methods of collecting, ordering, and exhibiting objects. This interdisciplinary art class will include field trips and guest visits with a historian, an archaeologist, artists, and museum curators. Trips to the Sutro Baths and the Alemany Flea Market.

Digital Media and Design I: In this project-based and experiential visual arts and design class with an emphasis on taking risks, students create projects building on foundation skills, culminating in a month-long project of their choice. Skills-based assignments are designed for multi-media fluency in all media. Studio and independent work, complemented by visits with local artists.

The Act of Photography: "I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure. My favorite thing is to go where I've never been." This Diane Arbus quotation opens our consideration of photography as a significant form of art and documentation. We examine how the medium provides an avenue for these forms to overlap. Developing skills in camera operation, critical thinking in regards to viewing and discussing art works and creatively interpreting different subject matter, such as portraiture or landscape. Students will be introduced to core concepts (i.e. negative space, composition, contrast, etc.) and utilize these ideas in their images. At the end of the semester students share their own digital photography portfolio in a culmination exhibit.

Ways of Seeing & Interpreting; Visualizing the Invisible: During our January intercession, all students can choose to begin to "see" the world in different ways, as photographers, directors, audiences, and creators of artworks and performances. Includes apprenticeships and off-site gallery/studio and performance visits.

Drawing and Painting: Degas said, "drawing is not the form; it is the way of seeing the form." This course investigates drawing and painting through both traditional and contemporary approaches. Inspired by the old masters and works of current working artists, students work outside of and within established conventions, experimenting with representation, abstraction, and different media and surfaces. Emphasizes technical understanding and innovation in each student's practice.

Sculpture: Advanced 3-D Design: Exploring work in three-dimensions, students master working with numerous materials and experimenting with new techniques. Pottery studio, wood-shop and sculpture studio, as well as off-site visits to installations and materials foundries, give students a wide range of options for final project work, with an emphasis on the public nature of sculpture and design.




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