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Joyful Learning

Frequent participation in performing arts helps Nueva students learn to express themselves in many ways, gain comfort with taking risks, and become confident performers. They learn and grow rapidly — from facility with language, to awareness of their bodies, and understanding how they think, feel, and function within the communities in which they live.

Every lower school student participates in performing arts as part of their classroom experience as performance is used to both develop and demonstrate learning.

At the youngest grades, students perform to express important messages about what they’ve learned. A recent kindergarten example was a three-act play about different aspects of the oceans, written and choreographed by the students — The Fisherman (a comedy), Trash in the Ocean (a tragedy), and The Mermaids (a musical).

Examples like this are found at every grade. When students reach fourth grade, they create a full-length musical as the culminating project of their year-long study of “The Path of the Hero.” Students weave together theme, story, music, lyrics, and drama, centered on their studies, though a deeply rewarding and collaborative process that stretches them to take risks, trust themselves and each other, and leave fourth grade with incredible confidence.


Recent News

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