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Classroom instruction in visual arts and music instruction begins with formal curriculum in the first grade. Our programs in all arts disciplines are designed to preserve the creative dispositions in young Nueva students – a love deep and uninhibited sensory exploration, a need to express themselves, and a passion for creating.

Through instruction, practice, and performance, students develop concentration, cooperation, collaboration, confidence, technique, expression, and intention.

Projects and practice are intended to build confidence, developing their view of themselves as artists. Students are continually developing in technical skills and expressive skills, which are both developmental and cumulative. Their proficiency increases from year to year as they are faced with increasing complexity and experiences with a variety of authentic and engaging materials, musical genres, and techniques.

Every spring, our annual school-wide Art Show illustrates the growth and development of students, and brings joy to our entire community.


The slide show below illustrates a typical art class: a fourth grade study of human proportion.

Students built stick figures utilizing the various lengths of Cuisenaire rods to make them proportional.
As part of this series, students made charcoal and chalk images of sticks to become familiar with their materials and develop their powers of close observation.
Working collaboratively, students built life-size human figures using sticks.
Extending their experience with unusual materials, their stick figure drawings came to life using sticks as their drawing tool.



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