Thank you for your interest in Nueva! We are pleased to continue our virtually paperless admissions process for the 2017-2018 season. Through Ravenna Solutions, our online admissions system, you can inquire, explore the admissions process, sign up for events and campus tours, fill out and submit application components, and monitor your application status. To access all of these features, click the "Apply Online" button below.

Ravenna Apply Button

Step 1: Create an account with Ravenna Solutions

To fill out online inquiry information and explore all of our online admission options, simply click "Apply Online," follow the prompts, then fill out the basic inquiry information required to "Add a Student" to your account. Creating an account does not commit you to applying, but you will be informed of upcoming events by email that will allow you to learn more about the school. You may choose to inquire first, and create an online account when you are ready to apply.

Need help with Ravenna? Watch the tutorial below:


Step 2: Submit Middle School Application & application fee of $90. To be considered for a reduced application fee, please contact us at

We must receive an application prior to testing on campus.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment for your child to sit the Wechsler (WISC-V) IQ Evaluatio

Appointments are available on campus from October to February. There is a testing fee of $225. To be considered for a reduced testing fee, please contact us at You are able to schedule on-campus testing through your Ravenna account. We begin scheduling in mid-September. You will need to submit Part 1 of your child's application before their on-campus test date or January 11, 2018 whichever date comes first.

To find out more about the Wechsler IQ Assessment please click here.


Students whose scores are within the range considered for admission are invited to continue in the admissions process.

For off-campus testing

  • You can also make arrangements for your child to work with an off-campus licensed psychologist of your choice. Please print, sign, and submit the Release Form to the administering psychologist. The testing results and narrative report must be submitted to the Admissions Office, directly from the psychologist, no later than 5:00 pm, February 1, 2018.
  • Please review our Guidelines to Submit Testing. 
  • Step 4: Parent/Guardian Interview

    The Parent/Guardian Interview is a half-hour meeting with the Admissions Staff. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, and for the Admissions Team to learn more about your child.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your child's test results, and if you should proceed with submitting an application.

    Step 5: Schedule Campus Visit and Activity Session

    Visits and Activity Sessions will be scheduled through your Ravenna account.

    Campus Visit

    The campus visit is an opportunity for students to experience "life at Nueva" by accompanying Nueva students through their school day and engaging in typical class activities. Middle School Applicants spend the day in the grade to which they are applying.

    Applicants to grades 6-8 will complete a math and creative writing sample in our Admissions Office during their visit.

    Activity Session

    The activity session is composed of a fun ice-breaker, followed by a creative and collaborative group project and presentation. These take place between January and February.

    Grade 5 applicants will complete a math and writing sample during the Activity Session.

    Parent/Guardian Tea (optional)

    During the activity session, parents/guardians are welcome to attend a Parent/Guardian Tea on campus with Nueva parent volunteers for additional Q & A. This is optional, and not a part of the admissions process.

    Step 6 : Submit Middle School Student Portion

    Due by 5:00 pm, January 11, 2018:

    • Student Questionnaire
    • My Page!
      The My Page! portion is an open-ended opportunity for your child to express whatever best captures their passions, and will tell us more about them. Here is a quick how to guide.
    • Student Graded Writing Sample
      This piece of writing should be from your child's current school that includes comments, or grades, from his/her teacher. Please submit a sample from the current school year.
      All materials should be uploaded to your child's Ravenna account.
    Step 7: Submit the Required Supplemental Materials

    Due by 5:00 pm, January 11, 2018:

    Recommendation forms should be completed and submitted to Nueva directly by the student's current teachers/counselor. Teachers submit forms through the online Ravenna system.

    Directions are provided through your Ravenna account for easy online submission from your child's current teachers. Please give the teachers plenty of time to complete these recommendations before January 12.

    Student Recommendation Forms:

    • Confidential Principal or Counselor Recommendation Form
    • Confidential Teacher Recommendation Form
    Transcript Request Form

    We require two (2) years of progress reports/grades and standardized test scores, and current grades when they become available. All documents should be uploaded to your child's Ravenna account.


    The Admissions Office is always delighted to receive applications
    well in advance of the deadline!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 650-350-4528,
    or email

    The Nueva School is a member of the Independent Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area (ISSFBA) and Bay Area Independent High Schools (BAIHS).
    Please review our Principles of Good Practice.




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